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New identities for Police personnel

The new identities of the Police personnel were presented on Thursday, February 4th, 2010, by the Chief of the Hellenic Police – Police Lieutenant General Eleftherios Ikonomou and the Director of the National Passport Center, Brigadier General Georgios Kamperis, at a press conference held at the Police Headquarters.

Νέα δελτία ταυτότητας για το αστυνομικό προσωπικό
The new police identity has the size of a credit card and includes high security standards, such as legal background, iridescence printing, printing with the use of colorful security film & microscopic script. Also a special safety film is been used, which is manufactured exclusively for the identity card. It includes holograms, custom holograms with variable illustration and microprinting invisible to the naked eye.

Until June 2010, all the Police personnel will be fitted with the new identification cards. In the press conference, the Brigadier General – Georgios Kamperis handed to the Chief of the Hellenic Police his new identity which is the first printed by the National Passport Center.

During the press conference, information related to the process of issuing passports and new driving licenses were also presented. In particular the period from 01/01/2006 until 31/12/2009 the National Passport Center issued 2,281,327 passports. Also, during the year 2009 it issued 587,047 new driving licenses.

Following the presentation, the Chief of the Hellenic Police made the following statement:

«Hellenic Police is proud of the National Passport Center (N.P.C.). The National Passport Center, with the level of technology and the unique know-how, has introduced high security features to document prints.

N.P.C. is currently ranked among the most reliable services worldwide, as related to the production of documents with high rates of safety.

The Greek passports are among the most secure and trusted worldwide.

In the last year, the new driving licenses have been added to the list of documents printed by the National Passport Center and today the new identities for the Police personnel.

Our aim is the National Passport Center to evolve into a Central Service for document printings with high standards and safety features».

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