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What is the process after the deposit of the supporting documents?

The process that is followed by the submission of supporting documents until the receipt of the new passport is the following:

An employee checks the supporting documents that are deposited, for the conditions of the passport's issue. If the demand is rejected, the concerned person will be informed by the Passport Office with a personal letter. The overwhelmed sum for the fees, will be also retunred.

  • The supporting documents are transmitted to the National Passport Center (Athens) with high speed transport (courier).
  • The central Service, will publish the passport within 3 working-days from the receipt of all the essential supporting documents.
  • The new passport will be dispatched, with the same way, to the Passport Office where the application was submitted.
  • The interested receives the passport (from the Passport Office) in person or with authorisation, bringing also the proof of deposit.

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