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What supporting documents do adults need, for the publication of a passport?

a.    An application form provided by the Passport Office which also acts as a Statement of Truth in which the applicant states whether he/she:

- has been convicted of forgery, counterfeiting of certificates, embezzlement of documents, false testification or false declaration, given that these offences are in respect to the issuance, use, loss or theft of a passport.
- has been prosecuted for abduction, human trade, trafficking, kidnapping, child abduction, slave trading or smuggling of illegal immigrants.
-  has been prosecuted or set to go to trial for the aforementioned offences.
-  has been declared a draft-evader or deserter or overseas deserter.
-  has a pending prohibition to exist the country,
-   resides permanently at the stated address and if he/she has been issued a passport, in accordance with the provisions of the Law 3103/2003, which may have been lost, stolen or if a renewal or replacement passport is being requested.

b.    A current (month-old) colour photograph, 4x6 mm in size and meeting technical specification criteria.

c.    Receipt of deposited fees

-Stamp deposit
•    For a 5 year expiration date passport, a 22 euro nominal value receipt +20% (Organization of Rural Insurance)= total value 26,40 euro (applicants over 14yrs of age).
•    For a 13 month expiration date passport, a 9 euro nominal value receipt+20% (ORI) = total value 10,80 euro.(For passports issued in accordance with Article 1 §3 P.D 25/2004 and Article 4 §3 P.D 25/2004 as replaced with Article 3 P.D 135/2007)
•    For a 8 month expiration date passport, a 4,5 euro nominal value receipt +20% (ORI) =total value 5,40  euro.(For cases where fingerprinting is currently unavailable)
•    For a 3 month expiration date passport, a 4,5 euro nominal value receipt + 20% (ORI) = total value 5,40 euro.(For passports issued in accordance with article 1 §4 case b P.D 25/2004, as replaced with Article 1 § 4 P.D 30/2010)

-Passport booklet Fee 53,00 euro

-Postal fees 5 euro

- Photocopy of both sides of identity card ( in the case of an overseas resident who does not have a Greek identity card, the applicant must submit their birth certificate or a certificate of family status (validity last 6 months).

Also, you must know the number of the municipal roll, since this is not quoted on your identity card or your certificate of birth.

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