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Passport issuance instructions

Passport publication directives
Information you need to know before lodging an application for a new passport. Necessary documents, application forms and useful tips.

Applicants wishing to be issued a passport must apply, in person, at the Passport Office in their area of permanent residence. The applicant is required to fill out an application form and their details are electronically registered by Passport Office personnel. The application form is printed and once the applicant proof reads and verifies the accuracy of the stated details he/she then signs the form and along with it submits the necessary supporting documents.
If, due to serious health reasons verified by a medical certificate from a public hospital, the applicant is unable to apply in person, then an employee of the Passport Office is sent to collect supporting documentation. Greek citizens, who permanently reside abroad, or are abroad for specific reasons and who find themselves in Greece for a certain period of time may, by exemption, submit supporting documents at the Hellenic Passport Office in their area of temporary residence.
Depending on whether the passport is a first issue, a renewal or a replacement passport due to loss or theft, the respective application form must be filled out. More specifically, if it is the applicant’s first passport issue by the Hellenic Police (in accordance with the Law 3103/2003) the application form with the E1a code must be submitted. It must be noted that even if the applicant has an old passport issued by a Prefectural Administration-Courthouse-Consulate (in accordance with the Presidential Decree 417/93) the applicant’s passport application is considered to be a new application and therefore the E1a application form must be submitted.
On the occasion that a passport has been issued in the past by the Hellenic Police (in accordance with the Law 3103/2003) which, however, has expired or is about to expire within eight (8) months from the submission of the application, the E2a application form is submitted.
In the case of the replacement of a valid passport issued by the Hellenic Police, the E3a application form is to be submitted.
Lastly, in the case of a new passport request because of theft or loss of a previous passport that had been issued by the Hellenic Police, the E4a application form is to be submitted.
In these cases of theft or loss, the areas on the application form requesting the old passport number, the expiry date and the theft/loss declaration number are completed by the Passport Office.

Apart from the application form the following supporting documents must also be submitted.

  1. A recent passport photo, in colour, 40-60 mm in size, printed on analog photographic paper and not by inkjet or laser printers. The photo must be taken under ideal circumstances and the printing colours must be neutral. It is vital that technical specifications while taking the photo are adhered to in order to attain the best results.
  2. A photocopy of both sides of the applicant’s identity card. It is understood that the applicant will have their identity card with them. Minors under the age of 12 must submit certification that they are listed on the Registrar General of their municipality. A recent colour photograph of the minor and certification of identity must be attached.
  3. Triplicate receipts of deposited fees verifying payment of passport fees.  From these fees a certain amount is for the public service and for the actual cost of the passport booklet. This amount is designated on the application form.
  4. Receipt certifying payment of postal expenses for mailing of supporting documentation. This amount is designated on the application form.
  5. In the case where the applicant is a minor, he/she must be accompanied by his/her parents or a legal guardian in order to submit all necessary supporting documentation. When both parents are guardians the physical presence of one parent and the written consent of the other, validated by the appropriate governmental authorities, will suffice. When neither parent can be present due to emergency reasons or reasons beyond their control the presence of a relative is necessary. The relative must have the relevant authorization of one parent and the written consent of the other parent whose signatures have been verified by the authorities. When parents can neither authorize a relative nor provide the written consent of the other parent, a Commissioner is appointed and the supporting documents are submitted by the persons designated in Articles 1601 and 1602 of the Civil Code. Emergency reasons, reasons beyond one’s control are defined as any sudden unexpected or unpredictable event which can in no way be avoided despite all efforts and care on the applicant’s part thus rendering the applicant incapable of seeing to their own matters.
  6. A decision appointing a Commissioner or a judicial support specialist when it comes to issuing a passport to an individual under guardianship or judicial support.
  7. A medical certificate from a public hospital in cases where the applicant due to serious health problems is rendered incapable of submitting and lodging their application in person at the Passport Office.
  8. Documentation which certifies the necessity of issuing a passport in cases where travelling abroad is for treatment of serious health problems, injuries, death or serious illness of a close relative and despite reasons which would otherwise prohibit the applicant from being issued a passport according to Articles 1, paragraph 2 of the Presidential Decree 25/2004.
  9. The applicant’s old passport, in the case of replacement and for the reasons as stated exclusively in Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Presidential Decree 25/2004. In such instances the reasons invoked by the applicant are checked -confirmed and the applicant’s old passport is returned to them once verified photocopies of the personal details page and certified documentation proving the necessity for the passport’s replacement are submitted and retained by the Passport Office. The old passport is cancelled in accordance with the conditions of Article 3, paragraph 3, Presidential Decree 25/2004.
  10. Certificate from the authorities certifying loss or theft of passport as well as a statement of the results of the investigation conducted. This is necessary in order to issue a new replacement passport.
  11. A medical certificate from a public hospital and any other supporting documents stating and verifying serious health reasons which render medical treatment abroad essential. In this instance the passport is priority processed and can be issued within one (1) working day from application submission.

The passport application form simultaneously acts a signed statement of truth (Law 1599/86) whereby the applicant must truthfully state (a) whether he/she has ever been convicted, prosecuted or trialed for offences as stated in instance a, paragraph 2 of Article 1, Presidential Decree 25/2004 (b) if he has been declared a draft evader or a deserter and (c) if she/he has been prohibited from leaving the country. In the same statement of truth the applicant must state his/her address and any special reasons justifying the, by exemption issuance of a passport (in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 3 of the Presidential Decree 25/2004) attaching all supporting documentation. The applicant must also state if he/she had been issued a passport in the past (according to the regulations of Law 3102/2003) which was lost, stolen and is hence requesting a replacement passport.

Consulates abroad accept supporting documentation for passport issuance to Greek citizens residing abroad or temporarily abroad due to work, studies, tourism or due to health reasons. Documentation must be submitted in person and, apart from rare exceptions, are the same as those that are submitted within Greece. The same procedure is followed except as concerns the posting of  the supporting documents and the dispatching of the new passports, carried out using diplomatic sacs via the appropriate department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Permanent overseas residence who wish to be issued a passport and do not have a Greek identity card, a photocopy of which is required to be submitted along with the application, must submit a birth certificate or certificate of civil (family) status from the municipality in which they are registered. Affixed on this certificate, given that there is a minor under the age of twelve (12), must be a photograph of the minor and validated certification of his/her identity. If, however the minor is over the age of twelve (12) the photograph and validated certificate of identity is only necessary if there is no valid Greek passport.

In the instance of a draft evader and permanent overseas resident, who is allowed to be issued a passport, exclusively in accordance with Article 54 of the Law 3421/2005, the applicant must submit, along with all other necessary supporting documentation, a certificate from the relevent military office in Greece certifying that the applicant is a draft evader.

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