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Until when, is my old passport in effect?

Old type passports, that have been published by the Prefectures will be in effect until 31 December 2006 (unless they have expired earlier).

From 01 January 2007, the passports in effect will be only the ones that have been published from the Nationtal Passport Center (Hellenic Police).

What duration will my new passport have?
  • Adults and minors above 14 years old: 5 years from the day of publication.
  • Minors up to 14 years old: 3 years from the day of publication.
  • Passports granted exceptionally, are in effect for 13 months. But the interested party is obligated to deliver the passport for cancellation to the office that deposited the demand, before the passport’s expiry of validity, provided that the cause for which it was published has ended or the time interval for which the decision of prohibition of expense from the country was raised has expired.
What data that will be included in my passport?

Data (in Greek and Latin characters) that are included in the passport are as follows:

  • The holder's personal elements (surname, name, father's name, citizenship, date and place of birth, sex and height).
  • The date of publication and expiry.
  • The authority of publication.
  • Also a facial digital deciption as well as the holder's signature, will be included.
Until when, is my new non biometric passport in effect?

The new NON biometric passports issued from the Hellenic Police are valid until the expiration date written in the passport document.

What happens to the issued passport which isn’t received in time?

The passport which isn’t received in six months time from the issued day, returns to the National Passport Center and it is invalidated.

What happens to the passport when the passport holder passes away?

The passports that belong to deceased holders, should be delivered under the care of relatives or legal heirs, to the qualified police and consular authorities in order to be returned back to the National Passport Center for cancellation.

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