Emergency Issuance

Information about priority processing and acquiring an emergency passport within one (1) working day of lodging an application. Specific circumstances warrant this procedure.

A passport may be priority processed and issued, by exemption, within one (1) working day of application under the following circumstances:

  • Serious personal health reasons requiring hospitalization/medical treatment abroad. In this case a medical certificate stating the specific health problem and signed by a relevent specializing doctor must be submitted as supporting documentation.  A medical certificate from a foreign hospital or clinic legitimately translated and validated certifying the need for hospitalization and medical treatment must also be submitted.  Following the same process a passport is issued to the spouse or relative (up to 2nd degree) of the patient, as well as to the doctor or nurse accompanying the patient abroad.
  • Death of a blood relative or relative through marriage (up to 2nd degree).
  • Injury or serious health reasons certified with a medical certificate from a foreign public hospital, disappearance of a relative (up to 2nd degree) of the applicant residing abroad or property damage caused by a natural disaster or other reasons beyond the applicant’s control.

In cases of the priority processing of an emergency passport, applications and supporting documents may be submitted at the Passport Office located at the Pagkrati police station.

In submitting an application, the applicant must specifically state the special reasons justifying priority passport processing in the Statement of truth and attach all supporting documentation.