Legislative Framework

Legislative framework about passport issuance by the Hellenic Police. Establishment of the National Passport Centre. Issuing a passport: Prerequisites, Validity, Supporting documents, Processing procedures.

  • Law 3103/2003 (Official Government Gazette (O.G.G.) 23/29-1-2003) “Passport issuance by the Hellenic Police and other provisions”.
  • Presidential Decree 126/2005 (O.G.G 181/21-07-2005) suspending Presidential Decree 37/2004, “Foundation of the Hellenic Passport Centre and other provisions”.
  • Presidential Decree 25/2004 (O.G.G 17/30-01-2004), “Passport Issuance conditions, validity, replacement, loss and cancellation of these”, as amended by Presidential Decree 193/2005 (O.G.G 234/27-09-2005), by Presidential Decree 135/2007 (O.G.G 172/31-7-2007) and Presidential Decree 30/2010 (O.G.G 68/13-05-2010).
  • Common Ministerial Decision 3021/22/10/2005 (O.G.G 932/06-07-2005, issue B’) “Supporting Documents and processing, passport type and content indication” as amended by the Common Ministerial Decisions: 3021/22/10-δ/2005 (O.G.G 1736/09-12-2005, issue B’), 3021/22/10-στ/2007 (O.G.G 1053/17-03-2007, issue B’), 3021/22/10-θ/2010 (O.G.G 1298/17-08-2010, issue B') and 3021/22/10-ζ/2015 (O.G.G 2702/14-12-2015, issue B').