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The National Passport and Secure Document Center is divided in four (4) Sections.

Sections Purviews

1st Section Data Input and Processing

  • Receives the applications and all supporting documents from the comptetent Police Services and Consulates, where they have been deposited from those interested.
  • Inserts the applications in the data base for further processing.
  • Prepares the legal frame, which has passports as an object and guides Regional Services of the Hellenic Police and other authorized State Authorities for the application of this legislation.
  • Has the responsibility for guarding the facilities of the Division.

2nd Section Check and Approval

  • Checks the completeness and the authenticity of the supporting documents and their correct registration in the electronic processing system.
  • Ascertains the existence of the legal conditions for the passport issue to those interested and approves or rejects the demands.

3rd Section Print and Quality Control

  • Prints passports and other secure documents, checks their quality and the correctness of the imprinted personal data and also cares for the distruction of those documents which do not comply with the necessary standards.
  • Sends the passports - secure documents that have been printed to the comptetent Police Services and Consulates to be delivered to the beneficiaries and the supporting documents for filing.
  • Supplies the Service with the consumables and other materials necessary for printing passports and other secure documents and has the responsibility for their safeguard and management.
  • Determines the safety specifications that passport booklets and other secure documents must comply with.

4th Section Office Automation and Data Processing

  • Determines the data processing software necessary for the accomplishment of the Division's mission and maintains the passports and statistic electronic data base.
  • Records in data bases the stolen, lost and invalidated passports.
  • Monitors the operation of the central computer system of the National Passport Center and is responsible for its maintenance.
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