New Generation of Ordinary Greek Passports

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In the context of continuous development and improvement of the security features of Greek passports, it is announced that from December 18, 2023 the issuance of new generation of ordinary Greek passports, series -BA-, has started by selected authorities. The issuance of the new generation of special categories of passports (diplomatic - official - travel documents for foreigners) will follow within the first quarter of 2024.

The new generation of Greek passports includes cutting - edge security features, in accordance with the international standards for travel documents, as defined by the no. 9303 document of the International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O.) and the no. 2252/2004 European Regulation, as amended with European Regulation no. 444/2009.

The most important difference in the new passports compared to the previous series is the change of the personal data page, which is made of high strength polycarbonate material.

It is noted that the issuance of ordinary passports of the previous series -AY- will continue, alongside the new one, until Tuesday, January 9, 2024. After this date only new ordinary passports will be issued.

Previous passport series will continue to be valid until their expiry date has passed.

The following link shows the main security features of the new generation Greek ordinary passports. (

The competent authorities can obtain the latest versions of the public keys of our country (csca), through the following link. (

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