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Passport Application Forms

All Passport Offices in Greece and the Consulates Authorities abroad are supplied with the appropriate application forms for the passport issue.
Application forms are divided into four (4) categories:

  • Application form for the issue of a new passport

It is used when the person interested gets a passport for the first time.

  • Application form for the renewal of an old passport

It is used when a passport has been issued by the Hellenic Police in the past and it has expired or the person interested requests its renewal within twelve (12) months before the date of expiry.

  • Application form for the replacement of a valid passport

The expiration date of the new passport is the same with the date of the one being replaced.

It is used for the following cases:
1. Page depletion.
2. Change of personal data.
3. Booklet damage.
4. Countries not desired mentioned.
5. Issue of an electronic passport

For all the above cases the old passport is invalidated.

  • Application form for a passport issue because of theft or loss

It is used for the replacement of a passport that had been stolen or lost. The new passport is valid for five (5) years.

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Application Form Sample

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