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Residence Permit Hellenic Country Signing CA

(CSCA eRP) Information

Document date: Apr 15, 2013
This document contains information on the Residence Permit Hellenic CSCA operated by the Hellenic Police on behalf of Ministry of Interior. The latest version of this document can always be found at:

CSCA eRP Public Key Certificate Information

The distinguished name of the Hellenic CSCA eRP is: C=GR, O=Hellenic Republic, CN=CSCAeRP-HELLAS

The CSCA eRP uses two types of key pairs:

  • a main key pair,
  • a number of backup key pairs.

The main key pair is used to issue Document Signer certificates. Backup key pairs are only used for disaster-recovery, in the unlikely case that the main key pair becomes unusable. In such an occurrence, the first backup key pair will become the new main key pair, etc.
DER encoded certificates for the CSCA eRP public keys can be found through the following links. Further information required to verify the authenticity of the following certificates is also available in authentic printed form upon request.

Main Public Key Certificate

The current main public key is available as a self-signed certificate via the the following link. This key has the relative distinguished name of SN=1.

Main Public Key Certificate subject key identifier:


Main Public Key Certificate SHA-1 thumbprint


Backup Public Key Certificates

Only the first backup public key will published at any one time. The first backup public key is available as both a self-signed certificate, and as a link certificate, verifiable by the main public key.

The first backup public key has the relative distinguished name of SN=2.

First Backup Public Key Subject Key Identifier:

Note: This subject key identifier is identical for both the self-signed and the link certificate.


First Backup Public Key Self-Signed Certificate (CSCAeRP_backup_ss.cer) SHA-1 thumbprint:


First Backup Public Key Link Certificate (CSCAeRP_backup_lnk.cer) SHA-1 thumbprint:


Contacting the CSCA eRP
The preferred means of communication with the CSCA eRP is via electronic mail. The CSCA eRP's email address is:

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